Fish Market Morning

My favorite part today in Oman was walking and buying fish at the morning fish market in Mutrah, an old city area where crumbling facades and a beautiful corniche with the Royal Yacht on the horizon are its shining stars. You’ll see the Omani fisherman in their small boats bringing in fresh fish and you’ll even get a glimpse of my dad buying fish. Enjoy!

bringing fish

oman fish market 1

oman fish market 2

fish market mutrah

oman fish market 3

cutting fish

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fish of the day

papa buying fish

buying fish

Williamsburg, Brooklyn… Hipster Calling!

Travel is a big part of my authentic life and it generally gives me a big creative, inspirational jolt. This time I’m taking you to NY and I will be blogging daily (no matter how many miles I have walked! and yes, i already have blisters and sores on day 1). What I love the most about NY is that can be a different experience every time. I always make it a point to find the eclectic neighborhoods that most tourists would skip. But then, I’m a traveler, not a tourist 😉

So, here goes…

Day 1:  Williamsburg, Brooklyn
If you don’t know about Williamsburg, it’s the biggest hipster mecca in the States. In one word… AWESOME! lol. I saw lots of bangs and LOTS of  wayfarers. While most shops don’t allow you to photograph, I did take some photos where they were permitted. Oh yes, and I did do some shopping (ok, too much maybe!).

I am staying in Bed-Stuy, the other end of Brooklyn, so I decided to walk all the way back. Where in dallas will i get to walk 2 miles with a heavy laptop & camera bag? Lol. But really, where in Texas would I get to see the neighborhoods so drastically change from one ethnic community to the other? It went from hipsters to hasidic jews to dominican to african to… it’s just fascinating to me.

And hence the blisters and sores.

Enjoy the pics!





Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 11.33.11 PM





artists & fleas williamsburg


Walk Through a Real Souq…

The last 2 days of my most recent textile adventure had me staying in Oman (a country in the Middle East, about 3 hours driving distance from Dubai), also happens to be where I grew up and went to school K-12. I wanted to capture the sights of a real souq… so come walk with me while I take you through a guided tour of Muttrah Souq, Oman’s most popular and only historical souq left inside the main city.










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