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Behind the scenes: Screenprinting

For me, the beauty and pleasure in developing a handcrafted textiles line doesn’t stop at just the textiles. I wanted to carry that same attention to detail and the handcrafted quality into other areas. Our new packaging tags and ribbons were meticulously hand screenprinted by Raju, an artisan who has been practicing his craft in India for over a decade. Every tag and every yard of ribbon was handmade… you can feel the layer of ink on it!

But what’s fascinating and important to me is not just documenting the process, but also the environment it was made in and capturing the people and the life in whole.
We hope you enjoy this behind the scenes look into our screenprinting.









2016 An Artful Holiday Gift Guide

Growing up, I have had many thoughtful, poignant gifts showered upon me, that helped me enjoy that stage of my life. My uncle gifting me a real wooden doll house back in the day. My other uncle bringing fresh fruits over every time he visited. My brother sending me souvenir t-shirts from the very place I grew up in lol. It’s not about the dollar value. It’s always about the thought and gesture.

At KUFRI, we enjoy gifting simple gifts that can be cherished around the home or that help bring a little something special to our lives. Simple, affordable and beautiful. Here’s our Top 10 gifts for 2016 for those who crave an artful home & life. Links below. Enjoy and happy gifting 🙂


  1. Georgia O’Keeffe / Poster, Pedernal, 1941
  2. Kristin Miller / Mayan necklace
  3. KUFRI / Ira in Grey pillow
  4. KUFRI / Sanjana Stripe in Grey dinner napkins set of 4
  5. Your House or Mine / stoneware soap dishes
  6. KUFRI / Mora throw in Camel
  7. Coombswood / Floating Maple Cutting Board
  8. KUFRI / Essential Clutch in Sahara
  9. Slow North / Lemongrass + Tangerine natural candle
  10. Phaidon / Joel Meyerrowitz photographs
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