The remodel on our 1979 ranch style home continues. Incase you haven’t been following the progress on Instagram (@kufrilife #MyKufriHouse), you’ll be happy to know it IS possible to do a lot of the things yourself if you’re planning a remodel soon. My hubby and I have done most of it ourselves so far.
Here’s an update of what all we have done so far …

1. Five hideous brick columns separated the dining jail from the living jail areas lol. We quickly learned the beam sitting on these columns was not structura. YAY!  So we took the beam and the columns down to create one big airy space. One brick at a time.

removing beam

removing beam 2

2. Removed all the saltillo tile in the formal dining. We purchased the Bagster from Home Depot for $30.00 and threw all the debris in that. There will be about a $145 pick up charge, but it’s totally worth it.

3. Removed all the carpet in living, dining and den.


4. Removed two massive 18ft beams that divided the living area from formal dining (the beam was used for additional lighting and was not structural). It is kinda fun playing engineer to figure out solutions like “how” do we take that behemoth down? My hubby and I basically managed it on our own! Tricky, yes. Impossible, hell no!

Defeated for now but not broken forever! Remodels are exhausting and frustrating at times. But keep going…!!!

WOW! Place looks like a MESS, but a happy mess! Because what’s around the corner is going to be amazing! 🙂