As most of you, I go through phases where I fall in love with a certain color family. In my 20s I was in love with orange… I once even painted my bedroom walls orange (yikes!). When planning for the color scheme for my home today, I feel myself drawn to blues, greens, teals. I opened my closet and sure enough, blues and teals dominate.

I had a clear vision for what I wanted my home to be… a mix of raw, refined, earthy, organic, vintage, modern, eclectic. What??? That’s not enough genres for you? lol. I wanted to capture bits from my favorite places (New Mexico, California, Africa, coastal India, tropical Amazon) and throw it in a blender to reveal one delicious KUFRI cocktail! The trick is in bringing it altogether and that’s where I do struggle a bit. Even being a f/t graphic designer and having my KUFRI textiles line, it is still challenging to capture those elements without it being too deliberate.

Once I started pinning pictures of interiors I love and developing my own moodboard, the material selection started to narrow down.

Here are some of my material selections and inspirations for this perfectly imperfect home to be:

inspirational moodboard
Materials shown above:
– Textiles for Upholstery and Soft Furnishings: Raw Solids in Chambray, Ira in Grey (heavy) and Tula in Teal all by KUFRI

– Wood flooring: Andalusia Caspar by Hill Country Innovations purchased from ProSource

– Countertop: Vico Stone in Grey Savoie Polished purchased from ProSource

– Paint (from top to bottom): Behr Hazelnut Cream, Behr Marquee Studio Clay, Benjamin Moore Flora, Benjamin Moore Knoxville Gray

African beads, Moroccan and other global handwoven textiles and brass accents (and of course, pillows!) will bring the place to life.