Here’s the existing kitchen. It has 2 sets of cabinets (only original from 1978 and the other probably replaced late 80s).  I didn’t immediately notice there were 2 sets, till we started dismantling the cabinet… there is a slight stain and design variation in the 2 sets. Here’s the best part… sold the sets for $1000 on Craigslist! 😉




See that hideous tile? I LOVED demo-ing it out!! Such a great release! And we saved $800-$1000 by taking it out ourselves. The thinset (layer under the tile) was the worst. We tried many things and finally Mark had to sand down the whole thing.

Mark really wanted a gas line so we could get a real gas range. He installed a gas line himself (of course I thought the house was about to blow up lol, but it didn’t lol).

Our new cabinets are just white shaker style cabinets we got from ProSource (Waypoint brand – same as American Woodmark at Home Depot). They are currently sitting in boxes. The installation of the cabinets is one thing we’ll let the professionals handle.