I didn’t dream of a big Cinderella wedding, I didn’t dream of having children, I’m just not a girly-girl like that. But, my house… now that, I have ALWAYS dreamed of. And not even necessarily having a large house, I just looked at Italian furniture catalogs since I was a kid, which is probably where my passion for interior design/decorating and architecture began.

My husband and I got married May 23, 2014 and immediately moved in with my mother in-law to help save money and find a house. Let me tell you, at that time (and now) the great “Dallas land rush” was starting to hit full force. Houses were selling for $10-$15k MORE than the listed price. Contracts were flying in by the 2nd day. We bidded and lost 4 times. I was starting to settle for any crap because we just got desperate. We fired 2 realtors and then got introduced to Mark Brown, a wonderful mix of assertive and aggressive and he found us our 1978 dream first home in the perfect neighborhood in Dallas.

1978 house dallas

High ceilings, one-story ranch style, lots of natural light… and needed lots of remodeling. Perfect! We were the ONLY contract on this house. Yikes! Something has got to be wrong. Why isn’t anyone wanting this house? Because it needed tons of cosmetic remodeling and being an established neighborhood, no one wanted to deal with that. We did 🙂

And thus begins our journey. We signed the contract September 29, 2015. Almost 3 months in the home, I want to show you the Before. Here we go…


house2  house3