While the Grand Mosque in Oman looks a lot like any large mosque in the Middle East on the outside, it’s quite a different story once you step inside the gates. The Grand Mosque is one of the most beautiful examples of Islamic architecture with a global influence, serving as an exemplary model for truly global architecture. How is it global? Let me show you… let’s start by looking at the the exterior. The commission for this opulent gem was won by a British architecture firm. The marble is all imported from Italy. The sandstone is carved and brought in from India.

grand mosque 2

islamic architecture

grand mosque

Let’s start heading inside… the tiles are absolutely beautiful all made in Iran, with design influences from Turkey, India, Persia and such. The main prayer hall has the world’s largest chandelier with 1022 bulbs. How do they change a bulb? There is a built-in stairwell that comes down and goes back up (housed inside the chandelier)!! The carpet is the world’s largest, also handmade in Iran taking 600 women workers to make, and was brought in pieces and stitched to completion on-site. The wood work is all teak from India.

grand mosque oman 3

mosque in oman

world largest chandelier

And more stunning details…

turkish designs mosaic

islamic mosaic

islamic turkish window design

light fixture

mosaic tiles iran turkey

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